Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Using my fork

Okay, now I have posted the story for everyone to read. I am going to design a plaque to display the story and I have a friend in Texas that is helping me design a silver fork to be given away (or sold with a plaque with the story on it.) I am trying to find an avenue to reach more people. My daughter lists her crafts on and I want to open a shop there. This should reach a lot of people. The whole point of my effort is to encourage others to share the gospel and carrying around a fork should start a lot of conversations--what do you think? You can find my friend's jewelry at The Jewel Co on etsy and my daughter has her store under steffi1190. I will get some links set up so you can visit them.


    Link to The Jewel Co

  2. I was able to get the first framed story posted on my etsy site yesterday. I have an opportunity to share this message with one of my nieces that is going to a youth mission trip this fall. I pray that she will find her own passion for Christ and share His word.